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Our bodies bear the marks of where we come from. They tell tales of what we have been through. They bear witness to our goals and aims, what we have spent our lives working towards. Every human has a universe within them, so it should come as no surprise that everybody needs a different kind of workout system. Our uniquely modified workouts help along the way people use their body. For us, our clients are not just money-making machines. We invest our time into our valued customers and build a relationship that lasts a lifetime. We cater to all abilities and fitness levels. Sign up today and take advantage of the many affordable plans we offer.

Barre Classes

Barre or Barre HIIT classes are usually full-body workouts that target specific muscles. They are broken down into different body and muscle parts such as the arms, legs, glutes, and core. Each muscle group is then targeted according to particular exercises. You can alter the repetitions and weights according to your own level. One of the popular Barre exercises is called pulsing, which is a ballet squat. This targets the glutes and quads, which you can pair up with tricep workouts using small weights. This forms a light sequence that can do wonders for your legs.

Yoga Classes

Yoga has existed since ancient times. It originated in India nearly 5000 years ago. It is an exercise that focuses on strength, balance and flexibility, and breathing, which aligns your physical and mental health. It is safer than rigorous exercises that wreak havoc on your bones and muscles. Yoga can serve to be beneficial for people with disabilities or diseases such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, and pain, along with depression and other mental health issues.

Spin Classes

Cycling is one of the many things that allows one to explore nature. However, oftentimes the weather does not allow one to work out in the open. Spin class is the next best alternative. Moreover, for people that have certain disabilities that do not allow them to ride a bike out in the open, this is a viable option.

DNA Based Training

we will look at and test for:

How Does DNA Affect Your Nutrition?

Train Smarter: DNA Testing for Health and Wellness.

How DNA Testing Can Help Develop a Better Diet Plan.

How DNA Affects Macros in Your Diet.

DNA and Sports Performance.

Mindfulness Training

Life can become a bit much these days and we all need a moment to catch our breath. We provide mindfulness classes for all age groups from grades K through 12 to adults like you and me! Take a moment to go within, explore and breathe peace.

Nutrition Program


There is something for everyone based on their needs and budget.


From 10 minute to 30 minute meditations, come relax, breathe and let us take you through a journey with many different types of meditations. These classes are for you to unwind and give yourself the self care you deserve.

Yoga Classes

Coming to the mat is a personal journey for all. Yoga is a lifetime practice, one we all can find benefits from. Here you will find different classes to meet your individual needs and vibe.

Ultimate 11-day Shred Program

Nutritional Cleansing Program – The 11-day Elimination Reset Shred (aka ER Shred) was designed to help you avoid dietary pitfalls and cravings so you can lose weight and feel healthier.