Our Journey.

“Mens sana en corpore sano…”

This Roman saying loosely translates to “A healthy mind in a healthy body…”. It emphasizes the mind-body connection that points towards the existence of multiple intelligences. Kinesthetic intelligence (physical) is one that ultimately gives rise to a healthy mind and paves the way for a healthy soul.

The first time I experienced the loss of this energy was during my struggle against Multiple Sclerosis. The sun shined on my seemingly perfect self. It mocked me almost, disappearing and reappearing behind the clouds, providing evidence of its abilities. All I could do was stare back at it, paralyzed. My mind was intact, yet my body refused to align with it. Six years ago, I found myself giving out spin classes at a studio that harbored a great community and support system. During this period, I lost all control of my body. My bodily strength was the one thing my life revolved around. Without it, I was nothing. That is where I started my journey.

I slowly started to use my mind to provide my body with the energy it needed to heal itself. Slowly but surely, I got back on track. This experience would forever change the way I perceived fitness. I fought to get back some feeling into my body. This paralleled constant rejections from trainers who were solely looking for typical models in leggings. Something had to give.

I decided then and there. At my LLC, no one would be denied the opportunity to work on their mind-body connection and to meet their inner warrior. Covid and the subsequent lack of a gym triggered something within me that yearned to provide people like me with an equal footing in the world of fitness. I was driven towards delivering to people from all walks of life the key to unlock their true optimal selves. Mind, Body, and Vibes will not focus on disabilities, gender, race, social status, fitness level, or financial status. It will serve to provide equal grounds on which people can train comfortably.

Mind, Body, and Vibes is unlike any other company in that it targets the root cause of a lack of fitness. It does that despite how you look, where you come from, or what you are suffering from. We recognize that fitness does not last without a positive mind as this gives rise to a healthy body.

Connect with your true self today. Whatever your journey might be, it all leads back to the same thing. No hardship is impossible to overcome as long as you put your mind to it. In our classes, you can be yourself. You can bring to the table your own life experiences and watch the people grow around you. You will receive the respect you deserve as we treat everyone around us as equals. This is the vigour with which we proceed to formulate for you a life that you would never have witnessed, even in your wildest dreams.


  • 500 RYT
  • Barre Above instructor
  • Barre with Pilates focus instructor
  • Cardio Barre / HIIT
  • ISSA fitness coach and certified personal trainer
  • Mediation and mindfulness training
  • DNA based training and nutrition program
  • 11-day shred program

A mother of 4 children:

Teaching fitness for 10 years

Taught in a studio until Covid hit and realized the need for health and wellness for all was needed. Working in a studio for 5 years made me see that fitness is more than working out, it’s a mind-body journey. We all are in different seasons in our lives and have different goals and needs. We get this! We put YOU first! These are your classes, your personal journey and your precious time, we are here to provide support, motivation while helping you set goals for yourself. You versus you! No competition, no ego zone. We know that the economy has put many in a hard place, that’s another mission of ours. No one is left behind! Everyone deserves quality fitness! At affordable rates. This is why we made different packages to help meet your needs and most importantly your families needs. Living with MS I know how vital it is to eat healthy, move and mentally feel good. All these three things go together. Mind – Body – Nutrition, 80% is the food we consume and 20% is movement.

I offer packages like 5 free classes to try
VOD – live classes as well.
Each class is targeted in a personal training way – I get to know each person. Their injuries if any / concerns / lifestyle / environment and most importantly their “Why …” as in fitness it always comes down to the WHY. Small steps have big results.

I hope this helps you see the Vision. My dream one day is to bring people together from all aspects of life – to see we are all the same in many ways – we are human beings.